About the Band

Late Nite Laundry


Late Nite Laundry hails from all parts of the country, meeting and now residing in Chicago, IL. After spending only a couple months together as a group, LNL released their freshman project, "Thru the Wash," in summer of 2019. The band spent the remainder of the year touring to states, playing synergetic shows in Brooklyn, Nashville, Charleston, and beyond.

In 2020 they released their single “I Can’t Wait” and shortly following

that, released their LP titled “The Michigan Tapes”. 

While having a member leave the band and canceling their shows set the group back — including opening for Slow Pulp, touring with Winona Forever, and an official SXSW showcase — the band has since focused their efforts on recording at home and finding a new voice. The Chicago Tribune summed it up well when they wrote,

“Late Nite Laundry is recovering from a lot, but the Chicago band is

forging ahead with its psychedelic soul sound.”

Late Nite Laundry dances between the essences of jazz fusion, indie rock, and psychedelic soul. The quartet has spent the last year recording at their homes, steadily dropping singles like “Fantasy” and just released track

Free Time”.