By Vocalo Radio | July 1st, 2021

"With an 80s synth flair and funk-driven basslines, “Free Time” is Late Nite Laundry’s latest single — and their second following the loss of their bandmate. Retaining the smooth and relaxed elements that were key to Thru The Wash, “Free Time” steps away from the band’s contemporary jazz roots and incorporates fresh psychedelic funk — focusing less on the importance of vocals and stepping up attention to detail in their instrumentation. The accompanying music video amps up the track’s surrealist qualities, playfully encompassing listeners in a world of swirling lights and abstract imagery."

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By Juan Arroyo via Remezcla | June 21, 2021

"Founded in 2019 in Chicago, indie band Late Nite Laundry comprises first- and second-generation immigrants hailing from Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Cabo Verde. Together, they keep the flame of ‘70s soul & funk alive, at times recalling acts like the Isley Brothers and Cymande. With their new single “Free Time,” bassist & vocalist Emily Burlew perfectly captures the sultry energy that powered the best songs from the era and demonstrates it’s still too early to lower the curtain on that sound."


By Britt Julious via The Chicago Tribune | January 14, 2021

"This return to their DIY roots is a direction the band plans to continue throughout the rest of the year. So although the pandemic disrupted their initial plans, it also gave the group a unique opportunity to reaffirm who they are and how they want to pursue music going forward. “It’s definitely a different atmosphere and I think everybody is a lot more at ease with who they are in the band and what this band really means to them,” said Cabrera. And if upcoming releases are anything like “Fantasy,” they should be fairly successful."

(Youngrae Kim / Chicago Tribune)

By Ruby Izatt via Earmillk | December 12, 2021

"Fantasy" kicks off with jazzy drum flourishes and a juicy piano line that leads into guitar riffs and a laid back, woozy vocal. Late Nite Laundry bring a sense of ease and wonder to their performance, and create an inviting jazz meets pop vibe reminiscent of Crumb and Toronto's Jaunt. "Fantasy" evokes the nostalgia of a late night/early morning adventure, where real life and dreams converge."


via The Deli | December 17, 2021

"LNL is soft, warm blend of jazz and pop that have you instantly floating, dancing, and always smiling."